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Mondays at Maggie’s

Monday is workshop day for Maggie and Nancy at my house, from October through April or early May. My dining room table is where all the cutting, filing and soldering happens. It may look like total chaos, but  is very functional.

Here are today’s projects.

Nancy worked on a simple, but very nice sterling silver ring for her husband made from 18g sheet.

After it was done, she started another bezel for a picture jasper cabachon.

These copper pendant and earrings were made by Maggie using a method known as fold forming, developed by Charles Lewton Brain.

It’s a series of folds and hammer blows with  annealing in between shape the metal into interesting shapes.

I also completed a couple of caged pearl pendants today.  I’ll put them on silver chain and sell them for Christmas.

These are just a couple of the other projects Nancy has completed during our Monday workshops:

 Look at this lovely lapis penant…

…and her gorgeous chrysocola ring.  

Nancy makes her rings completely adjustable. Only one side is soldered so it can be sized to the wearer.

Here are some of my past Monday projects:

A larimar and tourmaline bangle was a commission for my niece Amanda.

The teardrop shaped larimar stone is paired with tourmaline and amethyst.

A tiny peridot stone perches at bottom of the opal, which has a decorative cut-out on the back.

The rectangular stone is called Super Seven with an amethyst tube set. 

Not sure what the stone is on the last piece, but it’s definitely minerals in quartz.


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