About MaggieNow Design

I started this blog as a jewelry design journal, a place to put my jewelry-themed musings, and as a place to post photos from my classes, workshops and home studio.

I have collected tools and have been learning how to make jewelry since 2003. I’ve taught others how to make jewelry since 2005.

It started as a fascination for the many possibilities for decoration through stringing beads. Soon, I was incorporating  wire into my designs, and quickly moved to metalwork with its endless possibilities for design and form. 

As my workshop evolved, so did my tool collection. Starting with a hammer and an anvil, the list soon became endless…

First, one must have the necessary jewelry pliers of all shapes and sizes, and cutters, and files. Then you need all the equipment necessary for cutting and shaping, riveting and finishing.  When you’re ready to solder, there’s more stuff like torches, annealing pan, charcoal brick, third hand, etc. etc… Recently, I started reclaiming all my silver scraps, and needed a crucible to melt them in, tongs and an ingot mold, and a rolling mill to make silver sheet and wire.


One response to “About MaggieNow Design

  1. Leslie Metzger

    Ah! Maggie! You’re gonna be famous!

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