Tuesday Night Fold-Forming Class

Put a bunch of people in a room with lots and lots of tools, add sheet copper, silver wire and beads, a measure of creativity, and stir. That’s Maggie’s Mixed Metal Jewelry and Metalsmithing class on Tuesday nights at North Shore Community College! The first week, we fold-formed copper sheets. The process involves  folding and hammering a copper sheet to create interesting textures.  Most students are nervous using a torch for the first time, but very soon, they’re confidently firing it up and shutting it down and heating and annealing their metal. Next week, I’ll post photos of the torch setup.

Pictured above are two sheets of fold-formed copper after it has been worked. Now it is ready to be cut into shapes for jewelry.

Nora let Sue try out her Optivisor. Makes a huge difference when you can see what you’re trying to do!

Not sure what story Denise was telling, but it made Donna smile!

Denise is working on these lovely earrings and pendant. The aquamarine beads will be wired to the center of her pendant.

 The class wasted no time getting down to jewelry design.

Diane hurried to complete two pairs of earrings for her sisters. The three sisters are meeting in Washington D.C. on  Thursday for their birthday celebrations.

Aren’t they lovely? I think the sisters will be very happy with their gifts.

Donna cuts apart her sheet in preparation for sawing out the shapes.

Joan cuts out her shapes. Look at all the lovely jewelry pieces she’s getting from a 3×3 1/2 inch textured sheet.

I promised to include this photo. Doesn’t everyone wear their fur coat to make jewelry? (Sue does, while waiting for the heating system to warm things up!)



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4 responses to “Tuesday Night Fold-Forming Class

  1. hahaha! Love the fur coat!
    OK, never fold-formed metal and I’ve gotta try that in 2011. LOVE the cute earrings and things that were produced. Looks like a happy group. You are an inspiration Maggie!

  2. maggiemehaffey

    Oooh, Chris, you can incorporate fold-formed metal into your designs! It will be way cool! Fly out for a class?

  3. maggiemehaffey

    Key word, fun!

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