Leslie’s Ring?

Here’s a possibility for you Leslie. It’s sterling with a eudialyte stone, which was mined in Canada.  The size is more comparable to your larimar. A little longer and narrower. The stone has some interesting spiritual qualities:

“Eudialyte is considered a personal power stone that increases and revitalizes one’s personal power. Psychically, eudialyte helps with clairaudience, manifestation, and psychic resonance and abilities, and is a psychically protective stone. It is sometimes considered a “fine tuner”. Eudialyte is also a stone of the heart, bringing harmony of heart matters, and dispelling jealousy. As eudialyte combines pink and red, it also brings the root and heart chakras into alignment, as well as activating the heart chakra. Emotionally it is helpful for learning to trust oneself and others, and eases compulsive behavior and thinking. Physically, eudialyte is good for healing the emotions, increasing vitality, eye problems, pancreas, thyroid, and purifying the blood.”



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5 responses to “Leslie’s Ring?

  1. Pretty! Love the new website~~put this as one of my favorites as your work always pleases and inspires!

  2. mehaffeyfarm

    Aww, thanks Chris! It’s a mutual admiration society you know!

  3. Leslie Metzger

    Hi Maggie, I do believe that must be my ring. My only concern is that if it is a little longer than my larimar, it might go to my first knuckle. I love the stone and it’s properties and also the shape! I think it’s gotta be mine!

  4. maggiemehaffey

    Ah, yes, but it can go past the knuckle and still be comfortable, because your finger bends the other way!

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